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Hubsan H107C X4C Mini Drone w/ HD Camera

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Valor: R$ 450,90

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Hubsan H107C X4C Mini Drone w/ HD Camera

Most Beautiful and Futuristic Drone Ever, now with a Camera built-in!
Presenting the Hubsan H107C "X4C" Mini Drone
The H107C "X4C" looks like something from the future, the color scheme and the decals are gorgeous, it really look like professional drone, it's a joy seeing it fly =). Bare in mind that this drone is "smaller" than your palm, it performs so well, extremely stable, no matter you take off from flat surface or launch directly from your hand, it still flies very well. Thanks to the light weight and one piece plastic main frame it is also very durable. We crash the drone into the wall and to the ground many times, still nothing is broken, we can say this "X4" drone is a pretty good choice for beginners. Came Ready-to-Fly out of box, standard 4-Channel 2.4Ghz transmitter is included, the Drone is rechargeable with USB cable, and best of all, the stunning price tag, it gotta be one of the best toy for yourself and your kids. Get it now, it flies better than you think =)

THe H107C now comes with 300,000 pixel camera (720 x 420), you simply press a button on the drone and it will start recording on a Micro SD Card, and we found that the quality of the video is not so bad, it really show details of your house roof, providing bright and crisp and smooth video, it's a very high quality camera.
Facts about the Hubsan H107C "X4C" Min Drone
1. Motors : Coreless Motor
2. Frequency : 2.4GHz
3. With 4 channels
4. Battery: 3.7V
5. Capacity : 380mAh
6. Flight time : above 7-8 minutes
7. Charging time : 45 minutes
8. Latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity
9. Permits super stable flight
10. Lightweight airframe with nice durability
11. 4 directions (left , right , forward , backward)
12. USB charging cable allows to charge by computer.
13. Flying indoor / outdoor

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